HCS SA is an innovative company that brought the pomegranate juice “ZOE”, in 2008, to the Greek market.

HCS wanted and succeeded in introducing to the Greek market a series of juices of high nutritional value, with a new form of juice: the non-concentrated juice. At the same time, he used fruits which until then were not widely known in the Greek market.

With many years of experience in the consumer product, guided by quality but also hygiene, the pomegranate juice “ZOE” managed to win over the consumer public and to prevail in the market of pomegranate juices. Combining pomegranate with equally powerful antioxidant fruits, it gave the consumer 100% natural juices, non-concentrated, sugar-free, preservatives, dyes and additives.

Today, HCS with “ZOE” juices holds a leading position in the market, a position that takes care to cultivate and consolidate constantly, introducing new, dynamic, tasty and healthy products in the consumer basket. Investing in glass packaging, in order to ensure safety, hygiene, total quality and a lifespan of two (2) years, it has managed to be located in selected supermarket chains and in more than 3000 small retail outlets, nationwide.

HCS is always looking ahead and constantly trying to innovate tastefully. He wants to expand the consumer’s choices in terms of his diet and in terms of his general behavior regarding the available resources of our land.